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  • Brit Hotel La Bonne Etape - Evreux
    Brit Hotel La Bonne Etape - Evreux


in Evreux

A town in Eure, in Haute Normandie, Evreux is crossed by the river Iton, ‘a mad river, a life source’ of around 120 kilometres in length. This town, less than 90 minutes from Paris, is known especially for its cathedral. The town is made up of just under 50,000 inhabitants.

Monuments, Sites, Museums

The Notre-Dame d’Evreux Cathedral

It was built in the 10th century and is listed as a historical monument. This cathedral is recognisable for its imposing size and a mix of many different styles of religious architecture.
What’s more, the 70 glass walls which make up the cathedral are considered as masterpieces of French stained-glass art and the cathedral’s organ is of great size, in a modern style.
Along with the former episcopal palace, the cathedral forms Evreux’s episcopal city. Evreux’s belfry was built in the 15th century and is today the last Norman belfry. It is situated at the beginning of a promenade which runs along the river Iton.

The Museum of Art, History and Archaeology

It traces the history of the occupation of Normandy by humankind, through its several varied collections. The Gallo-Roman rampart was built in 275AD, it was originally 1,145m long and designed to protect the town from invasion. Today the remains are still visible at certain points in the town, near the multimedia library, along the Iton or on Rue Saint Louis.
Other museums in the town: the museum of wind instruments and the museum of the Giverny impressionists.

The Saint-Taurin Abbey

Built in the 10th century near to an old Roman road, it is a true gem, and is a mix of different architectural styles.

The rose gardens of the Château de Miserey

Several well-kept gardens surround the Château de Miserey, of which the oldest was created in the 18th century. A contemporary-themed garden was started in 1997. It depicts Eden, Hell and Purgatory.

The site of Gisacum

Situated only a few kilometres from Evreux, here you can discover a city-shrine from the Gallo-Roman age. Stroll along the bank of the Iton and discover the flamboyant Gothic-style belfry, built in the 15th century. The village enchanted by clockwork figures Visit a village where rabbits, bears and elves will delight the young!

Château du Champ-de-Bataille

Visit this magnificent ducal château from the 17th century, and its splendid 138-hectare park.

Château d'Harcourt

Situated in Harcourt, this château houses one of the oldest botanic gardens in France. A significant part of its original structure has been perfectly conserved.
It has been listed as a Historical Monument since 1862.

Château d'Acquigny

Listed as a Historical Monument since 1926, this château was fortified in order to monitor the river traffic on the Eure. It also had an important role in the Hundred Years’ War.


The ‘Rock dans tous ses états’ (Rock in all its forms) festival was founded in 1983 and takes place every summer at the racetrack. It shows off regional artists, as well as rock and pop groups.

You can also enjoy the Sporting Village, which takes place every summer and moves from district to district.

Various exhibitions are on offer throughout the year in Evreux, such as in the Solange Baudoux Maison des Arts, the Atelier d’A, or the Claude Monet Foundation.

Events galore: National Horse and Cart Competition, Tour of the Gardens, ‘La Traviata’ open-air opera, Country Festival...

Fine food

Tempt your taste buds with the excellent produce of the land. Cider, Calvados, cheese, crème fraiche, crêpes... Savour and enjoy a friendly meal in one of the town’s restaurants!

Some addresses of good places to find local produce:
- Bellois Traiteur
- Le Potager d'Anne
- Le Clos Cerisey
- La Ferme du Clos de la Mare
- Chocolatrium Cluizel


Many activities are on offer in Evreux! Walking routes have been arranged around the town, classed from very easy to difficult, so there’s something for everyone. You can also play golf, enjoy a treetop adventure course and go horse riding, in and around Evreux. A swimming pool, a cinema and a bowling alley all welcome you in your spare time.